Terms and Conditions

Important before you subscribe

Exercise is an important condition because the design of nutrition programs will be based on exercise without exercise, you will not see a result, whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose fat.

 After receiving the programs, no refund of money, whatever the duration of your subscription.

 The rate of fat loss or muscle gain will be only 2 kilos of fat per month, or increase by one kilo to two kilos of muscle only per month. Follow-up with me will not lead to any quick results and a quick descent on the scale, because you will lose muscle in them and lose a large part of your health, and do not rely on a high increase because a quick increase means an increase in fat and therefore a danger to your health.

 After receiving the programs, the follow-up period will be calculated, and there will be a day when you buy diet needs, it is not available to freeze or stop for follow-up.

 It is not available to use any fat burners or any medications of any kind because they are dangerous and their result is slight, and it is also not available to use any hormones.