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Health and Nutrition Articles

علم nutrigenomics

nutrigenomics science

It is not only our genetics affected by our response to the diet and each one of us has a gene variant…

نقص اليود بيقلل الحرق ؟!

Iodine deficiency reduces burning?!

The truth is the lack of iodine from your body, which is an essential…

الاوميجا ثري بيحافظ علي الذاكرة؟

Omega 3 and memory

When we eat a certain food, it is not only our body that responds to eating according to …

الماية وسط الاكل بتعمل كرش؟

Water in meals>>big belly?

The path of the digestive system is not primitive, because fluids quickly pass over solids and enter…

Coach Sama

Coach Sama

A trainer and a sports nutritionist, I hold 7 certificates in nutrition and training and I’m studying 3 new certificates. My message is to spread awareness, health and sports culture, and fight myths

كوتش سما

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