Who is Coach Sama ?!

I’m Sama, I’m 23 years old, and my message is to spread health awareness, health and sports culture, and fight myths.

I started playing sport at a young age and started playing kickboxing about 5 years ago. I started my career in fitness, gym and nutrition after I met my passion and started studying and got 7 international certificates from the strongest certificates in nutrition and training.

  1. ISSA Elite trainer
  2. PN nutrition level 1
  3. ISSA nutrition specialist
  4. ISSA bodybuilding specialist
  5. ACE certified personal trainer
  6. ISSA certified personal trainer
  7. American heart association cpr
Currently, I started studying another certificate in training, which was obtained in Egypt by only 3 people, which is the strongest certificate in training because it is from the American Sports Medicine Organization, and the exam to obtain this certificate is very difficult, which is the ACSM certificate, and I am currently studying another certificate in the corrective exercise, and with All these testimonies I have a passion. I always follow the research first to make sure of every information I say in my videos and document it on the site.

I worked with more than 1,000 clients around the world in less than a year and a half, and achieved more than 1,000 results documented in the highlights of Instagram. I am attaching some pictures of the transformations on the site here. All these results were achieved without using any fat burners or hormones. On the contrary, many deviations in physique were treated and many of the treated people had injuries, were old, and they got amazing results.

You can achieve results on your own, but with a trainer and a nutrition specialist who understands well what he is doing, the way will be easier, faster and safer. Soon, books will be launched at a symbolic price containing information on nutrition, training, cooking methods and recipes.